Essential Services


  • To accompany elders to attend any function like marriage, visiting relative/friends homes etc.,
  • To enable elders to accomplish any outside work like bank, Govt. offices
  • Senior Care Specialist Home Visits to engage elders to relieve them from loneliness and depression
  • Our Staff will ensure the safety of the customer from the time they leave their place and return back home.
  • Mode of transport shall be arranged as per customer preference.

Home Needs

  • To pay the utility bills like EB, water tax, property tax etc.,
  • To attend to any minor household works/maintenance
  • To arrange essential home need items like provisions, vegetables, , local purchase of any items, books, gift items etc.,

Geriatric Food

  • To supply normal/Geriatric Home cooked food on regular/ need basis
  • To arrange for Dietician visits to check and ascertain/change the food habits
  • To supply Geriatric related food/snacks items

Social Engagement

  • To arrange monthly/quarterly recreational events involving all our enrolled customers to relax and have fun by active participation in various activities and games
  • To intimate on the entertainment activities around the city and arrange for attending the same
  • To conduct celebrations at home on any special occasions like birthday, wedding anniversaries, festivals, etc.,