About Us

NaamCare is a single window eldercare service provider, offering both medical and Non -medical services to cater to the needs of healthcare, community engagements and foster independence by providing companion services to eliminate their pain of dependability and loneliness.

We are Chennai’s first Elder Care service company offering off-beat recreational services along with a host of other essential day-to-day assistance.

Naamcare has been formed on a Social Cause to solve the problems of Elders who are the big asset to our Society in terms of their vast experience. More than healthcare, we would like to take care of them emotionally by engaging them on Community living. Our array of Services focus more towards happy upkeeping of elders which itself would help them to minimise their health-related problems.


We serve the backbone of our society, our senior citizens in ways that strengthen families, encourage community engagements and foster independence. We will endeavor to define and solve problems of our senior citizens in the social and healthcare needs.


– We believe in Winning hearts

Enrolled senior citizens are at the heart of everything. We impart quality services to ensure that we gain their confidence and respect throughout by our actions.


– What’s the fun without it?

We take accountability for what we do. We manage our operations with integrity, efficiency and reliability.


– We call ourselves off-beat

We continuously innovate on our programs, strive constantly improve the way our medical and non-medical services to ensure the senior citizens live a dignified life.

Latest News

PM's push for generic drugs to shift focus to chemists, says pharma industry body

NEW DELHI: Patients may end up with drugs that "may not be effective at all" if doctors were made to prescribe only generic medicines as indicated by Prime Minister NarendraModi, according to pharma industry body IPA.

The Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance (IPA) said that due to the nature of the current off-patent medicines market in India, if such a step were to be followed, the choice of products will be shifted from doctors to chemists, not patients.

This may help the senior citizens as well who spend their considerable part of the pension amount for medicines.

Courtesy: http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/