Need Based Services

Attendant / Care Taker on Call

Elders require a dedicated person to take care of their various needs, due to their age as well as their medical conditions.

Trained attendants handle the elders both physically and emotionally. The elders will be given a sense of healthy and cleanly atmosphere around them. Elders not only require the medical help but also someone to share or communicate with.

Naamcare provides trained attendant who attends to the needs of the elders in maintaining their personal hygiene and ensuring a good quality of life.

Services Offered

  • Attendant shall take care of personal hygiene like
    • bathing
    • Toileting
    • Dressing
  • Assist in Feeding.
  • Bed making.
  • Administering oral medicines at the prescribed time.
  • Provide assistance in exercising.
  • Engaging them in communication to address their loneliness.
  • Support them for a walk.