Need Based Services

Doctor on Call

  • Physical examinations & Follow-up examinations.
  • Realtimeupdation of the medical history with the examination results.
  • Co-ordinates with the Para-medical Assistances.

Nurse on Call

  • Qualified Nurse Services available on per visit/per day/per week basis.
  • Nurse shall take care of vitals monitoring IV infusions, injection etc.
  • To attend to any minor household works/maintenance
  • To arrange essential home need items like provisions, vegetables, , local purchase of any items, books, gift items etc.,

Attendant/Care Taker on Call

  • All our staff are well trained in Geriatric care to handle elders both physically and emotionally.
  • Attendant shall take care of personal hygiene like bathing, toileting,feeding, taking for walk etc.,

Counseling Services

  • We provide Psychological assessment & Counseling on demand.

Physiotherapist on call

  • We provide Physiotherapist services.