Need Based Services

Nurse On Call

When doctors visit your parents for medical examination, it becomes necessary to keep track of their health and to perform certain procedures which require a nursing assistant.

The effort to have a sound body and mind is tiring for parents, considering for the number of trips to be made to the hospitals for simple procedures. It is a boon for the children to provide their parents the right medical care at the comfort of their location.

Elders feel comfortable and require minimum time and energy spent for taking treatments. It also avoids contracting further infections by visiting hospitals.

Services Offered

  • Qualified Nurse Services available on per visit/per day/per week basis.
  • Nurse shall take care of vitals monitoring IV infusions, injection etc.
  • Assess the health conditions and chart out their observations
  • Administer medication as prescribed by the physicians
  • Dress or redress wounds and access the progress of healing
  • Co-ordinates with physicians, physiotherapists or anyone involved in the care.