Essential Services


number of factors occur with older age that may increase the likelihood of decreased participation in meaningful social activities.

Elders have a smaller circle of close relatives and friends, particularly those who are important to them and in whose presence they feel the most happiness.

Obviously, that company can be given by their children and grandchildren only. In the cases, where the children are aboard, parents long to meet their close relatives for a get-together or to attend functions to have them rejuvenated.

Our companion care services comes handy in providing the utmost reliable services for the elders.

Services Offered

  • To accompany elders to attend any function like marriage, visiting relative/friends homes etc.,
  • To enable elders to accomplish any outside work like bank, Govt. offices
  • Senior Care Specialist Home Visits to engage elders to relieve them from loneliness and depression
  • Our Staff will ensure the safety of the customer from the time they leave their place and return back home.
  • Mode of transport shall be arranged as per customer preference.